15 July 2009

Buy a New Lens for Your Children

My son Jhon is wearing prescription glasses. Do you have children who wear prescription glasses too? This week I’ll buy for him new eyeglasses.
Now I’ll share you cool tips to buy new eyeglasses for your child. 
First, it must horizontally fit. If they horizontally fit then you can see the positions and height of glasses. Note that it is important to make your child feel comfortable.After that step you must set the cornea distance to lens. You must ask to your child how they feel. Your child will use that lens so let them tell you.

The latest tips are buying it on Zenni Optical. You can save more money here.

The price suit it just $8 Rx eyeglasses. You must see the Zenny optical on TV. And you can also read ‘high five to Zenni Optical’ for more information about Zenni.

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